March 18, 2020
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Euromillion winners of the record jackpot

Euromillion winners – Who won 190 million?

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The record wins and the most popular stories about the Euromillion winners have become an incredible world sensation. We'll give you a overview of the biggest Euromillion winners and some good tips on how to become the next winner. Euromillion is one of the world's most rewarding lotteries in terms of payouts and high odds.

We introduce the Euromillion winners who have won the largest European lottery jackpot of 190 million euros. We bring you a Top 5 list and discuss some of the interesting stories of the recent Eurojackpot winners in detail. Discover who the people behind the biggest Euromillion winnings are.


Overview of the biggest Euromillion winners

The table shows the five largest Euromillion profits that have gone to a single person to date (couples count as one person in purely legal terms). The order in which the Euromillion winners are listed refers to the value of the currency at the time of distribution.


The people from Portugal and Spain who cracked the Euromillion wanted to remain anonymous, so nothing is known about their identity.


Current: Euromillion winners – Steve and Lenka Thomson

The building contractor Steve Thomson from Great Britain and his wife Lenka from Slovakia won more than 122 million euros in the Euromillion jackpot. Steve and Lenka have 3 children and live in a three-bedroom house in Selsey, West Sussex.

The 42-year-old winner promised not to stop working despite this “life-changing” fortune. He said his priority would be a new house with one bedroom each for the daughter and two sons of the couple,

Your £105,100,701.90 (€122,000,000) win is the ninth highest in Euromillion history and marks the youngest instance of British residents lucky enough to win the European Lottery.


Euromillion winners – Chris and Colin Weir

In 2011 Colin and Christina (nicknamed Chris) Weir from North Ayrshire in Scotland were the new record holders for the biggest jackpot ever won in the UK. The lucky numbers for the draw on 12 July were the main numbers 17, 19, 38, 42, 45 and the star numbers 9 and 5.

They won 190 million Euros (161 million pounds) and this prize is the largest EuroMillion prize ever redeemed in the UK.

They have been married for more than 30 years and have two adult children, but they have divorced eight years after their gigantic victory (after 38 years of marriage).

The now 71-year-old former cameraman and 62-year-old retired nurse have, however, despite all their good fortune, publicly announced bitter news about the newspaper “Scottish Sun”. Only a few months ago the couple confessed that they had been living apart for some time and that they would probably soon divorce – but they did so amicably and in all friendship.

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In recent years, the couple have done a lot for their community. Among other things, they founded the “Weir Charitable Trust“. This is a social donation organisation. They also donated to the local football club, although the amount is unknown here. As a sign of appreciation for the generosity of the Weirs, even a station of the local public transport has been named. Chris and Colin have also been politically involved. In the course of the Scottish independence campaign, the two have invested over a million pounds.

Euromillion Winners – Gillian and Adrian Bayford

Since two other winners come from Great Britain in addition to the Weirs, the Top 5 is strikingly British. One place above the Weirs and with 5 million Euros more, is the Bayford family. Adrian (41) and Gillian (40) Bayford won the gigantic jackpot of 190 million euros in August 2012. The owner of a small guitar shop and the nurse from Suffolk were among the richest people in the country in one fell swoop after the jackpot had not been hit 14 times in a row. After 15 months also the Bayfords divorced. The two have divided the fortune in equal parts. As a result Gillian is from Sussex to Dundee. Exactly six years after winning the Euromillion, Gillian remarried in 2018 in a small circle.


There were 3 more record Euromillion jackpot winners

In 2014, an anonymous winner from Portugal cracked the 190 million euros. Fortunately the numbers were 3, 9, 20, 30, 42 and the super numbers 1 and 6. To this day nothing is known about the winner.

The winner of the second largest jackpot, 190 million euros, made no secret of his million euro win and revealed himself as Peter Wilson. The man from Great Britain chose the numbers 7, 10, 15, 44, 49 and the star numbers 3 and 12, which helped him to his luck. Only recently, on 08.10.2019, the new multimillionaire made his profit.

The biggest winner of the Euromillion multinational lottery to date went to an unknown person from Spain, who typed the following winning numbers on 6 October 2017: 1, 5, 15, 19, 25 as well as the 1 and 7. Due to the desire for anonymity, nothing is known about the winner from Spain either.


How can you become a Euromillion winner?

The gaming principle of Euromillion is very similar to that of the German Lottery Lotto 6 out of 49. In the case of Eurolotto 5 numbers from a number pool of 50 numbers are selected as well as 2 further numbers from altogether 12 numbers. The 5 Euromillion numbers are the so-called “main numbers” and the 2 additional numbers are called “star numbers“. The decisive difference is the jackpots to be won. Although both lotteries offer a 1 in 140 million chance of winning, the jackpots in the international lottery are significantly higher. Comparing the previous maximum winnings of both lotteries, German Lottery Lotto 6 out of 49 has 45 million Euros, compared to 190 million Euros for the multinational lottery.

Since February 2004, the drawings of the Euromillion lottery draw have taken place in the French capital Paris. Since then, every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00. In Germany, however, tickets cannot be played at kiosks as is the case with Eurojackpot. Participation in a Euromillion draw is only possible via a few online providers.

Standard Euromillion closing time in Germany is about 20:00. With LottoStar24 you have more time – you can submit your Euromillion tips by 20:30.

The Euromillion online participation from Germany, i.e. the price for a completely filled out betting field, usually costs from 3,00 € to 4,50 €. Many Euromillion providers also charge additional coupon fees.

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The gigantic prizes and the popular stories about the Euromillion lottery and its winners have caused a worldwide sensation. In Germany, the counterpart to the Eurojackpot is not yet as well known as in Great Britain or Spain, for example. One reason for this is probably that this lottery is not offered at kiosks like Lotto 6aus49, for example. Nevertheless, this lottery should definitely be considered, as it is one of the most rewarding lotteries in the world in terms of its immense payout amounts and comparatively high probability of winning.