April 21, 2020
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Can we be effective in home office?

Home Office – Top 10 tips for working from home like professionals

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Wouldn't it be great if you could do all your work from home? Working from home is an ideal way to have the freedom to be your own boss. Setting up home office requires a significant change if you are used to working in a formal office environment. It takes more than planning and a little effort to ensure that this space maximizes your efficiency and productivity. As it's very important to stay productive while working from home, we've prepared some tips and strategies for people who work from home to help them stay productive. You can also use these tips and tricks as inspiration to set up your own home office.

The modern term home office is the modern equivalent of the classic term “working from home”. The term home office has begun to be used worldwide, especially in recent days. It is the synonym for the classic homework.

Home office or flexible remote working from home is a phenomenon of the last few days that offers many more advantages than the usual working habits in the office. These include less distraction, less stress when commuting, less overall noise, more personal freedom and more comfortable clothing. On the other hand, it is very important to stay productive at home.

The authors of LottoStar24 have prepared for you certain strategies to stay productive at home. They also give top 10 tips and ideas on how to choose a perfect place and the right equipment for working from a distance.


Tip 1: Keep regular hours in your home office

Maintaining a work-life balance is very important when you set your schedule and try to stick to it. Clear guidelines on when to work and when to take a break will help you maintain your work-life balance, because working from a distance sometimes means extending or shortening your usual working day.

Tip 2: Create a morning routine

First, you should decide to sit down at your desk and start working at a certain time. You also need to create a routine that will guide you to the workplace on your own. You should choose something that signals the start of work in your morning routine, such as making a cup of coffee or dressing as if you were going to work. The morning routine that psychologically prepares you for work can be incredibly helpful.

Tip 3: Set rules with people in your room

Establish rules with your family members or other people in your environment. If you have children who come home from school while you are still working, they need clear rules about what they can and cannot do during this time. Likewise, you should not do housework or take care of pets instead of your family members. If you still haven’t divided the housework, your productivity may suffer.

Tip 4: Breaks for mental health

If you work for a company, you should know your company’s break times and observe them. If you are self-employed, you should allow sufficient time during the day to get away from the computer screen and the telephone. A lunch break and two 15-minute breaks should help you recharge your batteries. If you tend to shorten your breaks, especially your lunch break, you can use programs like TimeOut for Mac or Smart Break for Windows that shut down your computer for 60 minutes. Another option is to run a simple clock or timer on the screen during your break.

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Tip 5: Communicate with colleagues during the home office

Loneliness and isolation are common problems in the home office, especially for extroverted people. Many companies with a culture of working at a distance offer opportunities for socializing, such as chat channels where employees can talk about common interests from a distance, meetings for people in the same region or video conferencing. You should find out how much interaction you need to feel connected and included. Even if you are very introverted and don’t feel like socializing, you should at least try some interactive experiences. If you are not working for a company with a strong distance culture, you should build and maintain your own relationships.

Tip 6: Search for training opportunities

If you are not in an office with your colleagues, you have no opportunity for training and further education courses. Or perhaps your company has forgotten to add you to its online training courses. After all, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to learn something useful and be added to the list of participants. If there is a course that you need for your professional development, ask if you can take it or maybe request a trip to headquarters.

Tip 7: Communicate a lot!

Working from a distance requires a lot of communication. You should let everyone who should know about it know your schedule and availability. Also let them know when you complete a project or a specific task. Over-communication does not mean that you have to write a long essay to your colleagues, but it does mean that you should be briefly informed about what you are doing.

Tip 8: Be positive thanks to music

You should think positively the whole time you work from home. But how can you stay positive when you’re lonely? There are many ways to think positively and listening to music is one of them. Music is the soundtrack to your career. At work, you can listen to music that matches the energy of the project you are working on. Video game soundtracks are one of the best tips. After all, in the game itself, this instrumental music helps you concentrate.

Tip 9: Bring some green into your home office

Experts for home office work recommend keeping out of order on the desk and in the study, at best doing some of the work outside. A desk or floor plant is also a great idea to bring a breath of fresh air into your workspace and provide visual variety when your eyes need a break from the screen. If you’re one of those people who are particularly busy and rarely come out of the door, all you need to do is buy a small cactus or succulent plant that doesn’t need much care. At the very least, however, you should set up your desk so that you can see outside.

Tip 10: End your home office again with a routine

Just as you started your day with a routine, try to create a habit that signals the end of the work day. This could be an evening walk with the dog, a yoga class at 6 pm or going to the kindergarten to pick up your children. It can also be a very simple routine, like shutting down the computer and turning on a favorite TV channel. Whatever you choose, it should signal the end of working hours.

Are these tips inspiring for you? Do you think that if you work from home, you can do more tasks? The question is still which type of employee is more productive – whether employees working from home or employees working from an office. The most recent research from the Harvard Business Review article suggests that people who work from home do more work per day. And what is the explanation of employees? The quiet environment is what makes them more productive.

In addition, working from home gives you the freedom to create the space you need for your work. At home you can control your environment, while in an office you can only design your own desk.

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