February 11, 2020
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Play Euromillion online - Getting started

How can I play Euromillion online?

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Whoever plays Euromillion online not only from Germany often gets the additional chance to participate in the European Lottery. This is also possible with Lottostar 24. Simply register there and click on the lottery of your choice in the menu. Tap 5 out of 50 numbers in the Euromillion and choose 2 out of 12 additional star numbers. With your ticket, you can participate in up to 52 draws or just one.

Wie spielt man Euromillion online?

Euromillion is a multi-state lottery in which Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland, among others, participate. As a German player, you can secure participation in the popular Europa lottery from various online lottery providers. But how do you play Euromillion online? We’ll show you how to give away your lotto tip with your personal lucky numbers in just a few steps.


How do I play Euromillion online?

The Euromillion drawings take place weekly on Tuesday and Friday evening at 9 p.m. each. The deadline for the Euromillion ticket is 20:30 on the respective match day. If you want to play Euromillion online, you can do so via various providers via a one-time tip or a season ticket. Use a season ticket if you want to play the same numbers every week.


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With your mobile phone you can participate in the Euromillion draws from anywhere and at any time. You can fill out the ticket during lunch break or create it at your leisure during your holidays. On the Internet, the numbers can be played regardless of time and state. There are 13 prize categories at Euromillion. With two correctly typed numbers, winning class 13 is already waiting for you.


Euromillion online – From registration until tip submission

1.You play for a minimum jackpot of 17 million Euros up to a maximum win of 190 million Euros: The Euromillion lottery offers you the chance to win real money. If you want to play, choose 5 out of 50 main numbers and 2 out of 12 star numbers.


2.To play, you must have a betting slip. The standard price for a betting field varies depending on the provider. It can be between three and five euros. This usually results in additional ticket fees. With LottoStar24, you can play Euromillion online at any time for only EUR 2.85 per betting field and do not have to pay any additional ticket fees.


3.If you wish, you can play up to 8 weeks in advance or always stay in the lottery fever with your permanent ticket. You’ll be one of the lucky winners from as little as two correct numbers. You win the jackpot when you have correctly entered all numbers plus star numbers. The five numbers you have typed are then worth twice as much and will almost certainly lead you to success.


4.As a player, you have the choice between one and eight rows of numbers per execution. If you also want to leave the choice of numbers to fortune, use the “Quick Pick” function to select random numbers for the ticket. If you have won at Euromillion, you will be notified of your win by e-mail or SMS.

How can I play Euromillion online? | Source: LottoStar24

5.For a standard Euromillion ticket, you must choose 5 out of 50 numbers and 2 out of 12 star numbers. The more betting fields you choose, the higher your chance of winning the Euromillion Jackpot.


6.Euromillion always offers super draws with a great amount of money. Jackpots from 100 to 190 million Euros are not uncommon and the Euromillion Superdraw can usually be used free of charge.


Where can I play Euromillion online?

After the question “How do you play Euromillion online?” has been answered, you are probably wondering where you can play online. Participation in Euromillion is possible with various online providers, including LottoStar24. You can play immediately after registration on the respective site. Depending on the portal, the functions and options differ, but the game principle remains the same: After you have filled out the Euromillion ticket with the desired numbers and selected the number of draws, you automatically participate. Euromillion winning numbers will be published on LottoStar24 immediately after each draw on Tuesday and Friday evening at 21:00. You will be informed of the winning numbers in your user account immediately thereafter.


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Good luck with your next online tip!