February 11, 2020
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Playing Eurojackpot with system increases the chances

How to play Eurojackpot with system?

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Playing Eurojackpot with system, is the magic word that transforms lottery players to professionals.  If you don't want to share your Eurojackpot winnings with others, you can choose extraordinary combinations of numbers.  Thus it secures the chance to keep the Eurojackpot completely for yourself if luck strikes. But there are also possibilities to help fortune a little bit and to increase the probability for the rich amount of money.

Eurojackpot is one of the most popular international lotteries and is also very popular in Germany. Therefore, many players ask themselves “how do you play Eurojackpot systematically to maximize your chances of winning?

We have therefore researched and prepared for you the most important results and facts.


How Eurojackpot system works

If you want to play Eurojackpot with system, there are different successful strategies.

Participation by continuous ticket or the use of particularly successful numbers are only two ways to use statistics to crack the jackpot.


Playing of Eurojackpot with system

Playing of Eurojackpot with system
Playing of Eurojackpot with system | Source: LottoStar24

In Eurojackpot there are different numbers that are drawn particularly often. These include 18, 40 or 33. In the systematic game, it is important to check the statistics and take advantage of all the information in the strategy.

“Successful” numbers can be played more frequently, while less frequently drawn numbers such as 5 or 7 should also occur less frequently on the betting field. In this way, the probability of winning is maximized by logically continuing the statistics.

Eurojackpot’s twelve winning classes offer increasing winnings if enough numbers have been correctly typed. A popular game system is playing according to the rules of probability.

For example, the first numbers on the ticket can be numbers that are typed particularly frequently and the following numbers can be chosen randomly. Combining different strategies increases the chance that your own combination of numbers is unique and the winning amount does not have to be shared with another player.


Playing of Eurojackpot with system – plan in the long run

How to play Eurojackpot with a plan|
How to play Eurojackpot with a plan| Source: LottoStar24

Eurojackpot draws take place once a week. There are 52 chances per year to test your own game system. If you play according to a certain pattern and bet on the particularly successful numbers, you should test your strategy several times.

The results are best noted. On the basis the notes a successful system can be arranged in the long term, which is superior to the Eurojackpot system of the other participants.

A simple game system that increases the probability of winning is the participation with several tickets.

With each additional betting field that is filled in, the chance of winning the jackpot doubles.

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Several tickets multiply the probability of success. If you play with a lottery syndicate, you can give away a large number of tickets at a reasonable price and, with a little luck, hit the jackpot.


Playing of Eurojackpot with one permanent ticket

Playing of Eurojackpot with a permanent ticket
Playing of Eurojackpot with a permanent ticket | Source: LottoStar24

Long-term play is possible with a pass. This means that you can take part in the lottery for a certain period of time, which you have selected beforehand.

Then you can play every week without having to go through the entire process until you choose the numbers and fill out and submit the ticket. The system game offers a continuous ticket due to the reduced effort and the increased chances of winning.


The Eurojackpot draws in Helsinki can then be followed weekly with the same number of bets. Of course, it is also possible to vary the Eurojackpot system to improve your chances of winning.


Avoid frequent game systems

Eurojackpot - frequent playing systems
Eurojackpot – frequent playing systems | Source: LottoStar24


The more Eurojackpot players win in the same class, the smaller the win for each player.


By avoiding frequent combinations of numbers, you can increase the amount you win in the case of a correct bet. Tips on simple number sequences such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are just as unfavorable as known number combinations, typical lucky numbers or the first and last numbers in a row.


The numbers between 1 and 31 are also chosen particularly frequently, because these are often birth dates or other anniversaries. The more random the system is, the more likely it is that it is a unique combination of numbers that no other player has chosen.


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Whether a continuous or a temporary game: Eurojackpot can be played in various ways with a system. With each participation the probability of winning increases. That’s why the temporary game in combination with a good betting pattern is the perfect game system for Eurojackpot.