March 20, 2020
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Play US-Powerball lottery outside the USA

How to play Powerball online? The complete guide 2021

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Popular American giant lottery Powerball is now available online. All players outside the USA can now take their chance to win. Read all the details about how to play Powerball online, from basic game principles to winning payouts. Learn how to hit the billion-dollar Powerball-Jackpot online. Start playing today with a 50% discount for all new players.

Powerball is one of the largest lotteries in the USA. The American equivalent of big European lotteries attracts with large jackpots and the well-known game principle. Now in 2021, the US Powerball is becoming available to players outside the USA, but the question many players are asking remains the same: How to play Powerball online? Here is your complete guide for playing Powerball online in 2021 and beyond.

How to play Powerball online? Game principle

How to play Powerball online - Select numbers
How to play Powerball online: Select numbers | LottoStar24

Great News! The world’s biggest jackpot is now within the reach of your fingertips. Powerball lottery is available online at

You can play the US Powerball from the UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, all around Europe & anywhere outside the USA. Exceptions may apply in certain countries. In most European countries, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Powerball lottery. In the United Kingdom, anyone under the age of 16 cannot buy a Lottery ticket, whether that person is buying it for themselves or anyone else.

To play Powerball online, you need to select 5 main numbers out of 69 and 1 Powerball number out of 26, which serves as an additional number. Simple as that.

Apart from selecting your lucky numbers, you may want to select additional options for your Powerball online ticket. See them all explained in the next paragraph, choose what you like, review your ticket and hit Submit.

How to submit a Powerball ticket online?

Powerball draw
Powerball ticket online – Select draw days & ticket duration | LottoStar24

Before you submit your Powerball ticket, review the additional ticket options and make sure all is set based on how you want to play your next Powerball game, how much you want to spend etc.

Draws: The Powerball draw takes place every Thursday and Sunday at 4:59 (CET). On your Powerball online ticket, you can easily select whether you want to participate in the Thursday or Sunday draw or both of the draws.

Duration: Another important setting on your Powerball ticket is the ticket duration, i.e. for how many of the upcoming weeks is your ticket valid. The default duration is 1 week. In that case, your ticket will be played exactly once on the selected draw day (Thursday or Sunday or both). Ticket duration can be set up to 8 weeks or you can set the ticket as Permanent.

Permanent: A Permanent ticket is a great option for Powerball online players who want to keep playing the same numbers every week, without having to touch anything further. Keep in mind, that a permanent ticket’s price will be charged automatically every week from your player’s account. If you run out of the funds on your player’s account, the ticket won’t be submitted until you top up your account.

Note: Selected draws and ticket duration influence the price of your ticket. Remember to always check your final price before submitting the ticket. The more weeks & draws you choose to participate, the higher the total price of your ticket. You can always see your final price in the Ticket summary section.

How much does it cost to play Powerball online?

In 2021 the current base price per one Powerball line is €3.50. At LottoStar24, there are no additional ticket fees, therefore you can play Powerball online for as cheap as is the price per one line. Who knows? Even a single line with your lucky numbers can bring you millions. After all, every line with numbers has the same chance to win.

A complete Powerball ticket for one draw costs €28.00. There is a maximum of 8 lines on each ticket, therefore: €3,50 x 8 = €28,00.

By selecting both draws per week and/or adding more than one week of ticket duration, the price per ticket multiplies accordingly. Example: 1 line x €3,50 x 2 draws x 3 weeks = €21.

LottoStar24 charges no additional Powerball ticket fees. Our price guarantee is valid for all players, all tickets. No additional commitments.

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How will I know I’ve won in Powerball?

Powerball results are published immediately after every draw. The draw is being held in Tallahassee, Florida. There is no live streaming available outside the US, however, our dedicated team always makes sure that our players are the first (outside the US) to know the winning numbers.

Lottery providers like LottoStar24, who allow playing Powerball online make the results available on their websites. As a player at LottoStar24, you will be also informed via E-mail about the correct winning numbers. In the case of a lucky win, you will be contacted by our customer support team to advise you with further steps. We make sure that you will get all the necessary advice and support, so you can enjoy your dream winning.

How much I can win with Powerball online?

How to play Powerball online?
How can I win with Powerball online? | Source:, Autor: Milkos

The highest Powerball winning prize is always in the first of the nine winning categories. If you’ve picked 5+1 correct numbers, you’ll clear the Powerball jackpot and secure a minimum win of $40 million (ca. 34 million). There is no upper limit. This has resulted on January 13, 2016, in the unbelievable Powerball winning of more than $1,586 billion (ca. 1.4 billion).

In the prize categories II. to IX., the odds are set and thus tied to a constant winning amount, even if the jackpot was not won during a draw. In the II. winning category, for five numbers correct (without the Powerball number) you can win exactly $1 Million. In the III. category, the prize for matching four Numbers & Powerball number is $10.000,00. Last two winning categories earn you back approximately the price of one Powerball line. That is not much, but considering it is for matching one number + Powerball number or even matching only the Powerball number, it seems like a fair reward and a great chance to try the luck once more.

How many numbers do you need to win in Powerball?

In the following table, you can see how many numbers you need to match correctly to win the amount set for the corresponding winning category in Powerball:

Winning category Numbers correct Winning amount
I. 5 Numbers + 1 Powerball min. $40 million (ca. €34 million),
record $1.6 billion (ca. €1.4 billion)
II. 5 Numbers $1.000.000,00 (ca. €840.630,00 )
III. 4 Numbers & Powerball $10.000,00 (ca. €8.406,00 )
IV. 4 Numbers $100,00 (ca. €84,00 )
V. 3 Numbers & Powerball $100,00 (ca. €84,00 )
VI. 3 Numbers $7,00 (ca. €5,90 )
VII. 2 Numbers & Powerball $7,00 (ca. €5,90 )
VIII. 1 Number & Powerball $4,00 (ca. €3,50 )
IX. only the Powerball $4,00 (ca. €3,50 )
  • How many numbers do I need to win a prize in Powerball?
    You need to match at least 1 number, the Powerball number to win the price in the IX. category. You can win the same prize in VIII. category for matching 1 Number + 1 Powerball number.
  • Do 2 numbers in Powerball win anything?
    No. You would need to have at least 2 Numbers + the Powerball number correct to win the prize within VII. category. Also for matching 1 Number + 1 Powerball number you would win the prize in VIII. category.
  • Do 4 numbers in Powerball pay anything?
    Yes. With 4 marching numbers without the matching Powerball number, you would win a prize in iV. category, which is $100,00 (€84,00). Match also the Powerball number and you would win a much nicer prize of $10.000,00 (ca. €8.406,00).
  • Does 1 number plus Powerball win anything?
    Yes. For matching 1 Number + 1 Powerball number you win the prize in VIII. category $4,00 (ca. €3,50), which is approximately price per 1 Powerball line.

Powerball payout – How is the jackpot paid out?

Depending on how many players participate in the draw and how many weeks the jackpot has been growing, Powerball payout in the first prize category can range anywhere from 40 million US dollars to hundreds of millions or even few billions of US dollars.

Besides the question: How to play Powerball online?, you are probably also interested in the payout of the Powerball jackpot. As the lucky winner, you have the choice of receiving the jackpot as a single payment of money (see: lump sum) or in a series of payments made over time (see: annuity). In the USA, the immediate payout is associated with a loss of profits due to higher taxation. Partial payouts are especially useful for large sums.

What happens if I win the Powerball online?

As a player here at LottoStar24, you have up to 12 weeks to redeem your Powerball winnings. Players from various countries may be subject to different national rules, which you should take into account when playing Powerball online. If you need more information about how to play Powerball online do not hesitate to contact our customer support by phone: +49 40 46 64 61 26, email: or live chat.

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