February 12, 2020
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Million dollar question: How do you win the Eurojackpot?

How to win Eurojackpot – 9 professional tips

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The question: "How do you win the Eurojackpot?"" is a question which has been asked by man lottery players, because up to 90 million Euros can be won here. Of course there is no general recipe for it, but many solid Eurojackpot tips, which provide increased chances. This includes, for example, playing season tickets and using vouchers and discount campaigns . Moreover, who does not want to divide its profit with all too many humans selects its numbers skillfully. The coincidence generator helps thereby.

How do I win Eurojackpot? This question has probably been asked by many players when trying to win. If you win, you no longer have to worry about your financial future. Luxury travel, dream cars, villas, motor yachts – all this and more is possible, if the right numbers are indicated on the Eurojackpot ticket. But how is that possible?


Of course this is a lottery, so a good portion of luck is always important. But there are actually a few helpful Eurojackpot tips that can increase your chances of Eurojackpot winning. Here they are. Try it out for yourself! Even if you don’t crack the Eurolotto jackpot, valuable prizes in several digits are still tempting.


Tip #1: Play regularly

First tip - Play regularly
First tip – Play regularly | Source: istockphoto.com

How to win Eurolotto? You have the best chances of winning if you play regularly. The best way is to register online with LottoStar24. There you can open a customer account, fill in a lottery ticket and note that you want to be part of every draw with this lottery ticket. So you won’t miss any chance of winning.


Tip #2: Fill out several betting fields

Second tip - Choose more betting fields
Second tip – Choose more betting fields | Source: Lottostar24 Team


Of course, if you play more than 5+2 numbers, your chances of winning the Eurojackpot increase. It’s best to fill out several betting fields! If you like, you can also use a random number generator to select the numbers. This is no problem with the online betting form.


Tip #3: Stay true to your lucky numbers

You have certain lucky numbers, but haven’t won with these yet? Don’t demonize these numbers, because they can still give you the money blessing you’ve longed for. If you are wondering how to win in Eurojackpot, you have to consider what the statistics say: It is very unlikely that numbers won will be drawn again in the next draw. Of course this is possible, but the probability calculation says something different. Therefore: Stay true to your lucky numbers.


Tip #4: There are more than 31 numbers

Fourth tip - There are more than 31 numbers
Fourth tip – There are more than 31 numbers | Source: istockphoto.com, Author: Tatomm

Players are happy to use the birthdays of their children or partners. However, these numbers stop at 31. With the Eurojackpot, however, the sequence of numbers reaches up to 50. Make use of this spectrum!





Tip #5: Use the vouchers and discount campaigns

There are also discount campaigns for the Eurojackpot. Try out these offers to increase your chances of winning a worthwhile prize. The bigger the discount, the more tickets you can buy for the same money.


3 fields Eurojackpot for only 2,00 €!

Register now as a new customer at LottoStar24 and we will give you 3 fields Eurojackpot for only 2,00€! No subscription, no hidden costs.




Tip #6: Avoid patterns

Sixth tip - Avoid patterns
Sixth tip – Avoid patterns | Source: Lottostar24 Team

A lottery ticket is not a work of art. Entering Eurojackpot numbers according to an optical pattern may look nice, but does not increase your chances of winning. You can always play the same numbers at the end, but painting patterns is simply more fun 🙂


Tip #7: Use Random Number Generator


Many Eurojackpot winners have used the random number generator. Why not? It protects against playing according to a fixed system, which is often less promising.




Avoid placing the same numbers and patterns again.


Tip #8: Play the pass to make sure you don’t miss a draw

Eighth tip - Choose permanent ticket
Eighth tip – Choose permanent ticket

With the handy continuous ticket function, you can let your Eurojackpot lottery ticket participate until you cancel your subscription.


Tip #9: Maintain stamina

Nith tip - Choose duration and be patient!
Nith tip – Choose duration and be patient! | Source: Lottostar24 Team


Play Eurojackpot – Maintain stamina

This is probably the most important tip of all. Only those who try it again and again can ultimately win.


Will you be the next Eurojackpot millionaire? Try your luck today with LottoStar24!