May 2, 2021
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How to win in the Lottery? – 9 tips from 7-times lottery winner

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We bring you 9 verified tips on how to win the lottery, some inspired by multi-times jackpot winner Mr. Lustig. Whether you are a new player or a regular lottery player, these tips are definitely worth considering. We have pointed out those tips based on our research & experience and we are convinced they may have an impact on your probability of winning at least some prize, as well as help you avoid the most common mistakes.

Everybody has dreamed of going on a luxury trip, buying his dream car or even living in a big house on the beach. But how do you win the lottery? These dreams have become reality for many lotto players who have won the jackpot. Do you want to achieve this?

We bring you 9 verified tips on how to win the lottery, some inspired by multi-times jackpot winner Mr. Lustig. Whether you are a new player or a regular lottery player, these tips are definitely worth considering.

Tip 1: Random number generator – why it can lead to great luck

Many lottery companies offer the random number generator, including LottoStar24, of course. But why? Let us explain why random numbers in the lottery can bring great luck.

The so-called Lottery Quickpick generates random numbers with the help of a given algorithm and selects almost 100% randomly generated numbers for you. You can compare the random number generator in online lottery with the flip of a coin or dice.

LottoStar24’s random number generator ensures that the numbers generated are evenly distributed across the various betting fields on your lottery ticket. You can be sure that often selected numbers, such as number 7, are avoided. This allows can potentially increase your personal chance by avoiding the common mistakes.

Studies have shown that we humans unconsciously type very specific numbers (e.g. anniversaries, birthdays, house numbers, etc.) and so a random number we choose ourselves is no longer as random as we think. Therefore, there are highly developed random number generators and the lottery numbers of all known lotteries are drawn at random. So leaving it to real chance can be a good idea. And who doesn’t know the saying: there is no chance, only fate.

Most popular numbers according to a study from Scientific American:

Position Number Percentage
1 7 9.7%
2 3 7.5%
3 8 6.7%
4 4 5.6%
5 5 5.1%

The well-known lottery winner Mr. Lustig argues that the random number generator takes away your personal choice, but that’s what it’s all about. We ourselves would always combine the numbers according to a certain gut feeling and, as described in the last paragraph, almost all people do that. Personal lucky numbers are one of our favourite topics, however plain logic says, that using the random number generator can minimize your risk of having to share the jackpot with others. The winning statistics all over the world prove that almost 70% of all jackpot winners played with random numbers.

Try your next tip with our random number generator – QuickPick:

Tip 2: Use additional options - Subscription & Duration tickets

At LottoStar24 you can increase your chance of winning the lottery with our additional options. For example, you can take out a subscription or a duration ticket. If you opt for a Lotery subscription, you participate in every draw of the selected lottery. With this offer, you don't have to think about filling out a lottery ticket every week. It is automatically arranged for you. Your ticket will be included in every draw, so you can't miss a draw. You can set the duration yourself and, of course, cancel at any time. LottoStar24 offers season tickets between one and five weeks. If you want to play the same numbers all the time, then our offer is just right for you. Once filled in, you don't have to invest any more time.

Tip 3: Each lottery offers additional winnings. Take your chance!

Each lottery offers additional options to enter extra games or draws. You can select these options on your lottery ticket and thus significantly increase your chances of winning. These are usually additional draws or games that increase your chances of winning attractive prizes with minimal stakes.

For example, German Lotto offers additional games Super6 and Spiel77. The lottery ticket number goes into the race in addition to the betting fields and is drawn in a separate draw. A small addition to your lottery ticket is enough to increase your winnings or enter an extra game. Everything convenient with just one lottery ticket.

Tip 4: Buy more tickets (make use of our vouchers)

The more fields and tickets you play, the greater your chance to win the lottery. Each ticket takes you one step closer to hiting the jackpot. For example, the popular magazine Business Insider has calculated that there are a total of 292,201,338 possible lottery tickets at Powerball. So if you were to buy them all, you would not be left empty-handed. Of course this is a utopian idea, but logically two tickets instead of just one lottery ticket increase the chance of winning and three more than two.

Many Lottery winners are sure that playing with multiple tickets is often better than playing with additional options, as suggested in the last paragraph. You must decide for yourself what suits you best.

You can also play in a pool of players. Here, several players join forces to enter the race with more lottery tickets. If you win, you have to share the win with the other players, but your chances are much higher at a lower cost. Such "collective" or "syndicate" tickets are common among firends, families, buddies from the same pub etc.

Do no forget to make use of our lottery promo codes. We send new discounts every week by email to all of LottoStar24 players and supporters.

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Tip 5: Stay true to your lucky numbers

Your chances of winning the lottery increase enormously if you stick with the same lucky numbers every week (while avoiding the common mistakes mentioned earlier in this article). It's almost impossible for Euromillion winning numbers or any other set of winning numbers to be drawn again in the next draw. So if you stick to your lucky numbers steadily, the likelihood of winning increases every time your combination is not drawn. This is also the preferred play of 7-times lottery winner Mr. Lustig. He prefers to stick to his own lucky numbers instead of betting on the random number generator. Our experts at LottoStar24 recommend combining both approaches. Make one line your very own lucky numbers combination and second one completely random.

At LottoStar24 you can keep betting on the same numbers in every upcomming draw with our subscription or duration ticket feature. Once you select your lucky numbers for your desired lottery, select the duration of your ticket and you are automatically included with these numbers in every draw, until you cancel your subscription. You can play these numbers as long as you want and cancel it at any time.

Tip 6: Choose the right lottery for you

You can compare and select your favourite lottery according to various criteria. This can depend on your budget, your preferd jackpot, country where the lottery draw takes place or which days of the week draws will held. Many players also depend on calculated odds. But as mentioned before, each lotery draw is a completely independent random event - just a matter of luck. Therefore your next ticket has exactly the same chance to win the Powerball lottery or Eurojackpot as any other ticket of all participating players. In other words, you can't win only if you don't play.

We don't advise you to decide by average odds, but take a look at each lottery's rules and specifics: These include the number of winning classes, potential winning amounts in each class (our statistics in the table are based on the number of actual winners in each class) and the attractiveness of the additional games, which are different for each lottery.

Record jackpot 210 million Euro 45.4 million euros ~1 373 million Euro ($ 1.6 Bill)
Minimum jackpot 17 million euro 1 million Euro ~34 million Euro ($ 40 mio)
Number of winning numbers for the jackpot 5 numbers + 2 stars 6 numbers + super number 5 numbers + Powerball
Highest winning amount 1,5 million Euro 37 million Euro 860 000 Euro ($ 1 Mio)
Number of winning numbers for winning class 2 5 numbers + 1 star 6 numbers 5 numbers
Minimum win 5,2 Euro 5 Euro        ~3.44 Euro ($ 4)
Number of winning numbers for the minimum prize 2 numbers + 0 stars 2 numbers + super number 1 number (PowerBall)
Number of winning classes 13 winning classes 9 winning classes 9 winning classes
Drawings Tuesday, Friday Wednesday, Saturday Thursday, Sunday
Additional options Country-specific draws, (not available online) 2 attractive additional games possible online PowerPlay - multiply winnings (not available online)

This comparison table does not contain all of the lotteries available online at LottoStar24, but it demonstrates that choosing the right lottery is after all one's personal decision. Each lottery has its advantages and disadvantages. Listen to yourself and decide according to your preferences. Do you still find the decision difficult? Why not try multiple lotteries instead?

Bet on two different lotteries a week instead of being in two draws of the same lottery. You will have more options to choose from for a potential winning and also more combinations of your lucky numbers.

Tip 7: Birthday dates are not everything (bet numbers over 31)

Most new lottery players choose birthdays, years or other personal data to determine their next lottery bet. But if you limit yourself to these numbers, you will often reduce your chances of winning or rise the chance of having to share your winning with others who bet the same way. Powerball lets you choose numbers between 1 and 69, German Lotto lets you choose numbers between 1 and 49, so if you only play numbers between 1 and 31 (calendar days), you're cutting away many possible combinations. We recommend that you distribute the numbers over the entire game grid. Our random number generator can help you make a wide choice (see Tip 1).

Of course it is not wrong to choose your birthday or that of your loved one. But don't limit yourself to these numbers. Next time also select numbers higher than 31.

Tip 8: Statistics - Hot and cold lottery numbers

In the previous tips we showed how much the lotteries try to keep numbers in the draws really random. And yet there is the phenomenon that some numbers appear more often in the results than others. Take a look at the results of past draws. For example, the fact that number 7 falls more often makes many lottery players suspect that there may be so-called "hot" and "cold" numbers. These players assume that there is a higher probability of winning with the "hot" numbers and mix them with your lucky numbers. On the other hand, they try to avoid "cold" numbers in the combinations.

Each lottery has its own method to achieve randomness. And each lottery also has a statistic of hot and cold numbers. But that doesn't mean that past statistics can prove themselves in the future. This is important for you as a lottery player, because every game and every ticket gives you exactly the same chance of winning as any other lottery player. But as described in the first tip, no artificial random number generator can achieve 100% true randomness. So where is the truth?

As an example, here you can see statistics from past 100 draws (since 01/05/2018) of selected lotteries that you can play at LottoStar24:

Hot Numbers - Lottery statistics

Euromillion Hot Numbers (5 +2)

Number 50 19 44 4 23 10 8 3
Frequency 124x 121x 121x 119x 119x 118x 221x 218x

Powerball Hot Numbers (5 + 1)

Number 26 16 41 32 22 6  & 20 2x
Frequency 276x 273x 273x 270x 269x 81x 472x

German Lotto Hot Numbers (6 + 1)

Number 6 49 32 26 38 33 4
Frequency 560x 552x 551x 548x 538x 536x 246x

Cold Numbers - Lottery statistics

Euromillion Cold Numbers (5 Zahlen + 2 Sterne)

Number 46 33 41 2 32 47 11 10*
Frequency 76x 86x 86x 91x 91x 91x 118x 138x

* Digit 10 was drawn 13 times, but the number was added recently

Powerball Cold Numbers (5 + 1)

Number 65 60 67 68 61 45 10x
Frequency 12x 14x 18x 19x 20x 13x 6x

German Lotto Cold Numbers (6 + 1)

Number 13 45 8 21 15 20 9, 8, 0
Frequency 441x 450x 459x 477x 479x 481x 210x

As you can see, the differences between the highest frequency (most frequently drawn number) and the lowest frequency (least often drawn number) are quite clear. For German Lotto, the distribution of results seems to be the most even. When it comes to the additional number, for example, three numbers have the same frequency and that suggests a very even distribution. The most irregular seems to be the US Powerball. This lottery has as well the most numbers in the game to choose from.

It is important to mention, that our lotery number' statistics have certain limitations. For example, in Powerball and Euromillions, some numbers only became part of the game in the course of new rules. That is why we can't guarantee these results nor give you a definitive order. Only one thing was proven by our frequency statistic: The gap between hot and cold numbers shows that certain numbers really do appear more often in the draws over time and it differs for each lottery.

Tip 9: Don't fall for dubious providers or apparent scams!

If you receive an email or message saying that you have won millions and only have to deposit a certain sum to be able receive the prize, it is a very common scam. Please don't fall for that. You can be sure that you will never win a lottery unless you buy a ticket. In addition, you should never transfer any money (other than your actual payment for the ticket) to be able to receive your prize.

If you play with LottoStar24 you will be informed about your winnings after every draw from our company email: and none other. Smaller wins are payed out automaticcaly and In the case of a bigger winning our support team will get in touch with you.

Unfortunately, there are many types of fraud. The most common type is the so-called advance payment fraud. You will be asked to pay a handling fee to secure your supposedly secure but in reality "fictitious" winnings.

Hence our last tip: Always check whether the lottery provider has a proper license. And check on the side of the issuing authority whether your selected provider/operator is actually listed on their website.

For example for LottoStar24 you can check our state license here.

At LottoStar24, you can always be sure that you are getting what you win. Thanks to our common ILS insurance model, we can guarantee all payouts, including the payouts of the record sums at Euromillion or Powerball.

Conclusions and Summary

The question "How to win the lottery?" allows many answers. There is no absolute sure steps that can make sure you win the dream jackpot, if there are, lotery wouldn't be such an exciting game played all around the world for centuries. However we have pointed out these tips based on our research and believe that they may have an impact on your probability of winning at least some prize while avoiding the most common mistakes. Lottostar24's random number generator is one of the tools we recommend to fill in at least part of your ticket even if the famous lottery winner Mr. Lustig prefers more personal choice. On top of that you should make use of our special offers, additional games and features as well as simply betting more lines and more often. Applying at lest some of these tips definitely wont hurt your personal strategies to win your dream jackpot.

Good luck with your next ticket!