March 17, 2020
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Inspiring quotations motivate modern seekers of meaning

Inspiring quotes from famous people – Motivation

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Words can have a life-changing, motivating and strengthening effect. Sometimes it is just a single sentence that unfolds its power and gives life a new twist. Inspiring quotes from famous personalities come from from successful people who managed to motivate themselves over years to reap money, fame and happiness. Rockefeller and Confucius are part of it, their voices are still heard today.

The extra kick for motivation: Quotes from famous personalities

No way is without stones and obstacles. Setbacks make us despair and think about giving up. But that would be wrong! If great inventors, scientists, freedom fighters and peacemakers had done this, our world today would be a different one. Bite and ambition have always been two great engines to be successful and to draw happiness to one’s side. For them a consistent motivation is necessary, which we sometimes lack.

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Extra kick for the motivation
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Happiness through “motus”

The word motivation has its origin in Latin.

The term “motus” stands for movement. And this is exactly what is behind it. As soon as we are motivated, something starts to move. We are active, we are happy, we are confident. Almost automatically we attract the good, because strength and faith accompany us. There’s no question: If you’re not motivated, you can’t do anything. Sometimes, however, it is important to motivate yourself.

Well-known personalities have done this again and again when they had a low motivation. Here are a few tips from the big ones:

“It doesn’t matter how slow you walk until you stop.”

With this the Chinese philosopher and politician Confucius expresses very well what is important in life.

For him, standstill is synonymous with death. Those who march steadily forward, on the other hand, will eventually reach their goal. What the goal is depends on the person. Basically, there are no limits in this respect, as the world-famous artist Pablo Picasso so impressively put it:

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

At about the same time as Picasso lived the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, who gives a poetic level to this thought: “If you want something very firm, the universe will work towards you being able to achieve it. This shows how important belief in oneself and a higher power is.

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Don’t lose yourself

Do not lose yourself
Do not lose yourself | Source:

Those who are not motivated often have only one problem: they fight for the wrong goals. If, on the other hand, you know what you want, you can motivate yourself more easily. For this reason, successful people preach again and again to reflect on themselves and their own desires. Apple founder Steve Jobs says:


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”


How right he is with this becomes very clear in his own life. The extremely successful John D. Rockefeller, whose heirs continue his empire, goes into the topic of goals in more detail:


“The person who only begins with the desire to get rich will not succeed; you must have a greater ambition.”


What ambition is can vary from person to person. Sometimes it is power, sometimes it is the desire to help others. Sometimes it is the desire to make a difference and to go down in history. Rockefeller undoubtedly did. Cosmopolitan and actor Peter Ustinov had a slightly different motivator. His main focus was on his thirst for knowledge, which motivated him to achieve top performances in numerous fields. The all-rounder spoke eight languages and six of them almost fluently. He motivates with a saying that everyone can take to heart at any time:

“Most people are afraid of death because they have not made enough of their lives.”


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