June 8, 2020
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Win Cash for Life or Lotto Jackpot?

Cash4Life (Anuity) vs. Instant Payout (Jackpot) – Which is better?

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When it comes to gambling, everyone wants to win so much that they can enjoy a carefree life. Therefore, there are different lotteries with different winnings to choose from. Cash4Life is quite a new form of lottery. Learn more about whether it is really better than winning the classic 6 out of 49 lottery jackpot.

When it comes to gambling, everyone wants to win so much that they can enjoy a carefree life. That’s why there are different lotteries with different winnings to choose from. Quite new is the lottery Cash4Life. The winner receives an immediate pension of 1,000 euros a day for the rest of his life. This lottery pension is only available in the highest prize class. However, there are also attractive prizes in the lower classes, but more about that later.


What is Cash4life?

In this lottery the player chooses five numbers between 1 and 60. A CashBall between 1 and 4 is also selected. The main prize is paid out when the player has checked all five numbers correctly and chosen the CashBall correctly. If only the five numbers are typed correctly, there is also a monthly pension of 1,000 euros. Both the immediate pension in the first and second rank are tax-free and are therefore not counted as income from a tax point of view.

In the lower ranks, however, there are still quite interesting profits to be made. However, these are no longer monthly payments, but one-off winnings are paid out. Already with two correct winning numbers or with a correctly typed winning number and a CashBall there are already winning sums of some Euros.

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The lottery win is harder to crack

Winning chance at Lotto jackpot
Winning chance at Lotto jackpot | Source: www.pixabay.com

The theoretical chance of getting the lottery prize is significantly lower than the lottery pension at Cash 4 Life. The chance of winning the lottery jackpot is 1 in 140 million. In comparison, the probability of winning the pension is 1 in 28 million. Nevertheless, for many players the question arises which prize makes them happier. A high win that is paid out all at once, or rather a regular secure income?


Which win is the better one?

Anyone who can count on a payout of several million euros has the opportunity to fulfil all his wishes in one fell swoop. At the same time, it can sometimes be somewhat difficult to build up the necessary reserves. Therefore it can already happen that the large amount is spent faster than expected. This is basically a great danger if someone suddenly has a larger amount of money at their disposal. A professionally planned investment strategy is definitely advantageous.

The regularly paid out pension that Cash 4 Life is all about already offers a number of advantages. Among other things, it offers significantly better planning security. On the other hand, the amount of money loses value over time. In this way, you can buy less for 1000 euros per month next year.


Imagine the value of 1000 euros in 10 years, given the current inflation.


Will it have the same value? We recommend reading more about the time value of money to learn more about this concept.

With regard to the lotto jackpot, it is important to note that a professionally planned investment strategy is definitely beneficial in order to achieve the maximum return from your lotto jackpot.


Special advantages of the Lotto Jackpot win compared to the instant annuity

Lotto jackpot compared to instant annuity
Lotto jackpot compared to instant annuity | Source: www.pixabay.com

A betting field for playing Lotto 6 out of 49 online on LottoStar24 costs only EUR 1.00 (you don’t have to pay any additional ticket fees as with many other lottery providers). On the other hand, a game for the immediate pension (Cash4Life) costs at least EUR 2.50. With LottoStar24 you can play Cash4Life online for only EUR 2.00. LOTTO 6 out of 49 offers you more prize classes in which you have to enter fewer numbers correctly in order to achieve a significant win. With LOTTO you can also participate in the additional games Game 77 and Super 6 to maximize your chances of winning.

Advantages of Lottojackpot winning compared to instant annuity. Thanks to the well-known concept of the “time value of money”, receiving all the money in the form of a lottery jackpot now offers you greater benefits than an identical amount paid out over a longer period of time. If you have a good planning and financial strategy with your jackpot amount, it is definitely better to receive it now than to receive the winnings in smaller amounts over several years. Ultimately, you could agree a similar payout strategy with your bank, but you have more freedom to decide how you want to split the payout over time.

Try your luck today and win the Lotto Jackpot with LottoStar24 in the next draw.

Good luck playing with our quick tip!



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