April 25, 2021
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What are my lucky numbers?

Lucky Numbers & Lottery Horoscope 2021 – Numerology Guide

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In this article, we discuss current and historical perspectives on lucky numbers for 2021, mentioning certain benefits of using them as your lottery numbers, for example, which can bring you luck in your next game. We also give an outlook on certain skepticism about numerology so that you can get a complete overview of this topic. Therefore, we have a tendency to choose our personal lucky numbers that we feel particularly comfortable with. If you don't have your own lotto lucky numbers yet, read our lucky numbers guide for the year 2021.

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive and objective guide to finding your lucky numbers, we have analyzed several theories and approaches to numerology. In this article, we discuss current and historical perspectives on lucky numbers for the year 2021, mentioning certain advantages of using them as for example your Euromillion lottery numbers, which can bring you luck with your ticket. We also give a perspective on certain skepticism about numerology so that you can get a complete overview of this topic.

What are my lucky numbers?

The fate number

Everyone has them: favorite numbers, one or few numbers that you choose again and again – your very own lucky numbers. They are the numbers that always come to mind and catch our eye first. It doesn’t matter if it’s the lotto lucky numbers, a certain calendar day for a big decision or simply the table number for the dream date.Whether the lucky numbers can help you hit the lotto jackpot is not certain. However, in this ultimate lucky numbers guide for 2021, we will discuss both the pros and cons of this lotto strategy. We also explain here the popular laws of numerology and the effects of the lottery horoscope on your lucky numbers, with some additional tips.

Often a single lucky number brings us the luck we long for, simply because we put all our wishes and hopes into it. Sometimes luck is waiting just around the corner or in the next number.

But many still do not understand why this is so. We at LottoStar24 have asked ourselves exactly this question. Why do we prefer certain “lucky” lottery numbers to others? Why do we believe in so-called lucky numbers at all? Where does this come from? Is there really a logic or theory behind it? Or is it simply a result of a coincidence, as many skeptics would immediately claim?

The history of the lucky numbers and numerology

Which sequence of numbers is lucky one?

Before delving into this popular topic, it is important to know that according to the Sceptic’s Dictionary:

“Since there are no occult meanings of numbers, and numbers in themselves can have no significant effect on a person’s life, numerology is nothing but superstition masquerading as science or art.”

We want to give you a complete, independent overview and numerology guide for your lucky numbers in 2021. We want to give you the right tip on how to choose your own personal numbers and what’s behind them.

For this we have to go back into the history of ancient Greece, to Eratosthene, Phytagoras and other philosophers like Augustine of Hippo from today’s Algeria. He wrote:

“Numbers are the universal language which the Deity offers to men as a confirmation of truth”.

Number theory was once synonymous with arithmetic, a branch of mathematics primarily concerned with the integers (Not to be confused with numerology, which is not recorded in English until 1907, and this despite the fact that numerological ideas have a long and ancient history).

In those days, mathematicians were often philosophers at the same time, and they believed that everything had a mathematical relationship to each other. It is up to us to uncover exactly this great mystery. Let us investigate it.

Find Your Lucky Numbers

Now we will help you find your lucky numbers and figure out your lucky number combination for your next lottery ticket…

1. The root number

The most important number in numerology is the date of the month in which you were born. According to the root number theory:

“This number can identify important elements of your character, personality and individuality. Reputable numerology websites claim that the root number determines the core elements of your entire being. Things like whether you are bossy or shy, a leader or a follower. The reason is that each number has its own nature and personal vibration.” (astrosage.com)

Example calculation:

Determining this lucky number for yourself is very simple: if you were born from January to September, your root number is simply the number of the month. If you were born from October to December, count the two digits of the month’s number together (for example, if you were born in November, the 11th month, your root number is 1 + 1 = 2).

Now you know what your root number is.

You can read the details for each number in the resources provided at the end of this article. Here we focus on the numbers themselves, as inspiration for playing lotto online, not on their esoteric meaning, which we cannot confirm.

2. The destiny number

Many numerological theories summarize the numbers from your personal characteristics such as date of birth or name in a certain way. Such an approach adds up all the numbers from your date of birth, forms the cross sum and gives you as a final result your so-called destiny number or life number.

It is said that from the perspective of reincarnation, your life number defines the lessons you need to learn during your lifetime. We won’t go into further details of meanings of these numbers here, there are already many reports on this topic (see our references at the end of the article).

You can easily calculate your own destiny number by yourself. Count all digits from your birthday together, but always only the digits for day, month and year separately. Remaining three digits (from the year again form the transverse number), add these again and form a last time a transverse sum.

Example calculation:

Date of birth: 15. 12. 1979

Day: 1 + 5 = 6
Month: 1 + 2 = 3
Year: 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 26 => 2 + 6 = 8
The fancy number is: 6 + 3 + 8 = 17 =1+7= 8

Now you have your own life number.

Do not hesitate and try the number in combination with your lucky numbers. Ideally, it is simply an addition to your lucky series based on your zodiac sign if you don’t have enough numbers for your lottery ticket yet.

3. The name number

The name number should theoretically reflect your core being – including your personal history from past lives. It represents the backpack you bring to earth, i.e., with you into your life, literally “what is your expression to the world.” This approach assigns a numerical number to each letter in the alphabet (not including special characters).

Take a look at the table below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

First, you need to recreate your full birth name in numbers. Then, similar to the calculation of the fate number, you need to form the cross sum from it. If a two-digit number remains, add these numbers together again.

Example calculation:

J O H N = 1 + 6 + 8 + 5 = 20 => 2 + 0 = 2
N E W M A N = 5 + 5 + 5 + 4 + 1 + 5 = 25 => 2 + 5 = 7
Finally, add the numbers of first and last name and here would be the personal name number: 2+7=9

Just like the destiny number, the name number can be an excellent addition to your lucky number if you are still missing numbers to complete the lottery ticket. Of course, you can make more combinations with these numbers and thus fill in more lottery lines.

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Year 2021 – numerology prediction

The 2021 numerology predicts us to likely to pursue new initiatives that will add value to your life. The most important thing to do when changes occur in your life is to embrace them.

Numerology number 1 points out that you should not point fingers, but understand that failure is an important part of being successful in life. If you want to lose weight, make more money, start a family or advance your career, 2021 is certainly the right year to do it.

By adding up 2+0+2+1 = we get the universal year number 5, which could be part of your lucky lottery pick during the entire year 2021.

The Lottery Horoscope 2021 – Lucky numbers by zodiac sign

Lucky numbers in western astrology

Let’s look at the stars together. Then also ask yourself:

Can stars really interpret my lucky number?

Some are convinced of this and some remain rather skeptical. The famous astronomer Carl Sagen once said:

“How could the rising of the planet Mars at the time of my birth affect me then or now? I was born in a closed room. No light from the planet could shine in. The only influence Mars could have is its gravity. But the gravitational force of the obstetrician was much greater than the gravitational influence of Mars.”

Despite these doubts, millions of people enter the word horoscope into Google search engine every month. According to recent statistics, the term “horoscope” is searched 3.9 Million times per month, globally. Only in the United Kingdom it is more than 300 thousand searches per month. For the readers who believe in the power of the stars and their influence, we have compiled a list of lucky numbers that match your horoscope – your very own Lottery horoscope for the year 2021:

Lottery Horoscope Horoscope sign Born from Born to Lucky Numbers 2021 Lucky Numbers (any year) Lucky Weekdays  Recommended Lottery
Lucky numbers Aries 03/21 04/19 5 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63 Tuesday, Friday Euromillion, Eurojackpot, Cash4Life
Lucky numbers Aquarius 01/20 02/18 22 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26 Wednesday, Saturday Lotto 6 aus 49, Cash4Life
Lucky numbers Cancer 06/21 07/22 2, 3 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25 Monday, Thursday Cash4Life, Powerball
Lucky numbers Capricorn 12/22 01/19 4, 1 1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 22, 26 Tuesday, Saturday Lotto 6 aus 49, Euromillion, Cash4Life
Lucky numbers Gemini 05/21 06/20 7, 2 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50 Wednesday, Sunday Lotto 6 aus 49, Powerball, Cash4Life
Lucky numbers Libra 09/23 10/22 3, 9 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60 Friday, Saturday Lotto 6 aus 49, Euromillion, Eurojackpot
Lucky numbers Leo 07/23 08/22 19, 6 4, 10, 13, 19, 22 Tuesday, Sunday Euromillion, Cash4Life, Powerball
Lucky numbers Pisces 02/19 03/20 11, 8 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 34, 43, 52 Thursday, Friday Powerball, Euromillion, Eurojackpot
Lucky numbers Scorpio 10/23 11/21 4 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63 Tuesday, Sunday Euromillion, Cash4Life, Powerball
Lucky numbers Sagitarius 11/22 12/21 6, 7 3, 12, 21, 30 Monday, Tuesday Cash4Life, Euromillion
Lucky numbers Virgo 08/23 09/22 7, 8 5,14, 23,32, 41, 50 Wednesday, Sunday Lotto 6 aus 49, Powerball, Cash4Life
Lucky numbers Taurus 04/20 05/20 6, 1 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 Monday, Friday Cash4Life, Euromillion, Eurojackpot

As you can see, some zodiac signs have less lucky numbers than the others.

If this is also the case for you, you may combine them with numbers based on other theories.

Chinese Horoscope – Lucky and Unlucky Numbers 2021

Chinese lucky numbers - Eastern astrology

The Chinese horoscope, unlike our traditional “Western astrology”, assigns an animal and its attributes to each year and repeats this every 12 years. Among the attributes of each animal sign are many lucky numbers and those you should rather keep your hands off.

We have listed all relevant birth dates and birth years as well as your corresponding animal signs and their lucky and unlucky numbers. In addition to these numbers, there are also additional numbers that contain them. For example, if your lucky numbers are 2 and 3, then 23 and 32 or 323 should also be lucky. The data given here is based on several independent sources (listed at the end of this article).

It should be noted, however, that the Chinese New Year extends from January 21 to February 20. Therefore, those born in January and February need to check whether your birth date is before or after the Chinese New Year to know what your Chinese zodiac year is. Using the following lottery horoscope table with Chinese zodiac signs, it should be easy for you to determine which lucky and unlucky numbers are yours:


Lottery horoscope  Chinese horoscope sign Your date and year of birth Lucky numbers 2021 Unlucky numbers 2021
Lucky numbers Rat 1933-01-26 to 1934-02-13,
1945-02-13 to 1946-01-31,
1957-01-31 to 1958-02-17,
1969-02-17 to 1970-02-05,
1981-02-05 to 1982-01-24,
1993-01-23 to 1994-02-09,
2005-02-09 to 2006-01-28,
2017-01-28 to 2018-02-15,
2029-02-13 to 2030-02-02
5, 7, 8 1, 3, 9
Lucky numbers Ox 1934-02-14 to 1935-02-03,
1946-02-01 to 1947-01-21,
1958-02-18 to 1959-02-07,
1970-02-06 to 1971-01-26,
1982-01-25 to 1983-02-12,
1994-02-10 to 1995-01-30,
2006-01-29 to 2007-02-17,
2018-02-16 to 2019-02-04,
2030-02-03 to 2031-01-22,
3, 4, 9 1, 6, 7
Lucky numbers Tiger 1940-02-08 to 1941-01-26,
1952-01-27 to 1953-02-13,
1964-02-13 to 1965-02-01,
1976-01-31 to 1977-02-17,
1988-02-17 to 1989-02-05,
2000-02-05 to 2001-01-23,
2012-01-23 to 2013-02-09,
2024-02-10 to 2025-01-28
1, 6, 7 3, 8, 9
Lucky numbers Rabbit 1940-02-08 to 1941-01-26,
1952-01-27 to 1953-02-13,
1964-02-13 to 1965-02-01,
1976-01-31 to 1977-02-17,
1988-02-17 to 1989-02-05,
2000-02-05 to 2001-01-23,
2012-01-23 to 2013-02-09,
2024-02-10 to 2025-01-28,
2, 3, 7 1, 5, 6
Lucky numbers Dragon 1932-02-06 to 1933-01-25,
1944-01-25 to 1945-02-12,
1956-02-12 to 1957-01-30,
1968-01-30 to 1969-02-16,
1980-02-16 to 1981-02-04,
1992-02-04 to 1993-01-22,
2004-01-22 to 2005-02-08,
2016-02-08 to 2017-01-27,
2028-01-26 to 2029-02-12
4, 9 2, 7
Lucky numbers Snake 1937-02-11 to 1938-01-30,
1949-01-29 to 1950-02-16,
1961-02-15 to 1962-02-04,
1973-02-03 to 1974-01-22,
1985-02-20 to 1986-02-08,
1997-02-07 to 1998-01-27,
2009-01-26 to 2010-02-13,
2021-02-12 to 2022-01-31
1, 4 5, 6
Lucky numbers Horse 1935-02-04 to 1936-01-23,
1947-01-22 to 1948-02-09,
1959-02-08 to 1960-01-27,
1971-01-27 to 1972-02-14,
1983-02-13 to 1984-02-01,
1995-01-31 to 1996-02-18,
2007-02-18 to 2008-02-06,
2019-02-05 to 2020-01-24
2, 5, 8 1, 7
Lucky numbers Sheep 1939-02-19 to 1940-02-07,
1951-02-06 to 1952-01-26,
1963-01-25 to 1964-02-12,
1975-02-11 to 1976-01-30,
1987-01-29 to 1988-02-16,
1999-02-16 to 2000-02-04,
2011-02-03 to 2012-01-22,
2023-01-22 to 2024-02-09
3, 4, 6 1, 7, 8
Lucky numbers Monkey 1936-01-24 to 1937-02-10,
1948-02-10 to 1949-01-28,
1960-01-28 to 1961-02-14,
1972-02-15 to 1973-02-02,
1984-02-02 to 1985-02-19,
1996-02-19 to 1997-02-06,
2008-02-07 to 2009-01-25,
2020-01-25 to 2021-02-11
2, 3 5, 9
Lucky numbers Rooster 1931-02-17 to 1932-02-05,
1943-02-04 to 1944-01-24,
1955-01-24 to 1956-02-11,
1967-02-09 to 1968-01-29,
1979-01-28 to 1980-02-15,
1991-02-15 to 1992-02-03,
2003-02-01 to 2004-01-21,
2015-02-19 to 2016-02-07,
2027-02-06 to 2028-01-25
2, 7 4, 9
Lucky numbers Dog 1941-01-27 to 1942-02-14,
1953-02-14 to 1954-02-02,
1965-02-02 to 1966-01-20,
1977-02-18 to 1978-02-06,
1989-02-06 to 1990-01-26,
2001-01-24 to 2002-02-11,
2013-02-10 to 2014-01-30,
2025-01-29 to 2026-02-16
2, 8, 9 1, 6, 7
Lucky numbers Pig 1938-01-31 to 1939-02-18,
1950-02-17 to 1951-02-05,
1962-02-05 to 1963-01-24,
1974-01-23 to 1975-02-10,
1986-02-09 to 1987-01-28,
1998-01-28 to 1999-02-15,
2010-02-14 to 2011-02-02,
2022-02-01 to 2023-01-21
1, 3, 4 6, 7, 8

Year 2021 in the Chinese horoscope: the year of the Metal Ox

Apart from attributing certain numbers and other attributes to the Chinese zodiac signs based on your date of birth, the Chinese also give these attributes to each new year. Each year has its own sign and based on that, each year has its very own lucky numbers and other attributes.

The Chinese New Year started on February 12, 2021 and will last until January 31, 2022. According to the Chinese zodiac, the year 2021 is the year of the Metal Ox. According to several sources dealing with Chinese horoscope, the year 2021 will be a lucky year.

It will be a year when hard work will be rewarded, and those zodiac signs that are lucky in terms of money this year will be the ones that will make a considerable profit. However, the Year of the Metal Ox is also a year in which we will fully feel the weight of our responsibilities, a year in which it will be necessary to redouble our efforts in order to achieve anything at all. Therefore, 2021 is a year in which all problems will be solved with discipline. A lot of discipline!

For lottery players, it is important to mention that the Year of the Metal Ox brings career advancement, success in business, prosperity and well-being for all zodiac signs. It is definitely a great year to try your luck and win a fortune in one of the lotteries here at LottoStar24.

Lucky numbers for 2021 – the year of the Metal Ox according to thechinesezodiac.org portal are as follows:

7, 9, 12, 21, 34, 42.

Advantages and disadvantages of lucky numbers in the lottery

Advantages and disadvantages of lucky numbers in lotteryWhen was the last time your personal lucky number or even a combination of lotto lucky numbers really brought you luck? Take a look at our comparison of possible advantages and disadvantages of using your lucky numbers specifically in the lottery.

Advantages of lucky numbers

  • Once you pick your numbers and use them over and over again, your chances of winning are increased.
  • The longer you play and the numbers don’t bring a hit, the greater the chance that it will happen soon after.
  • To bet on the personal lucky number is a matter of habit for many. Fortunately, a habit that does not affect your health in any way and gives you a reason not to reach for the stars.
  • Not to forget in addition: the personal motive, the feeling and certainty why you chose the lucky number and the hope you naturally put in your lucky number.

Disadvantages of lucky numbers

  • Many skeptics say that no matter how you look at it, the lucky number approach offers no advantages in terms of increasing your chances of winning. In reality, your favorite numbers have the same chance of winning the lottery as any other combination of numbers. But you do have the added benefit of your personal positive relationship with the numbers, and for those of us who believe in things beyond science, that’s an important factor.
  • One potential drawback of lotto lucky numbers is that you are more likely to have to share the winnings with other players, depending on how you choose your numbers. For example, if you choose your birthday or horoscope, then the chances of other players using the same numbers increases.
  • Please keep in mind that some of the ideas are only possible theories and beliefs. We have listed them here so that you can make your personal choice at LottoStar24 or any other occasion.

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Note: Popular lucky numbers

Lottery players often choose some popular lucky numbers (for example, the number 7 or number 3), which is why they often appear on lottery tickets. But be aware that in this case the win theoretically has to be shared with many more players.

So it may be better to rather find your own lucky numbers and your personal favorites and try your luck with them.


In 2021, changes are inevitable. The number 1 – 2021 in numerology encourages you to prepare for the coming changes in your life. Ideally, this is the perfect year you have been talking about. Expect the best that can happen.

When choosing your lucky numbers and combinations here at LottoStar24, we want to make sure you know most of the options, even though we can’t cover them all. We hope that this article will highlight some of the oldest theories and beliefs about lucky numbers and give you up-to-date information from the world of the most popular lotteries. Even if perhaps some skepticism remains and you should remain quite rational when making statements about the so-called “lucky number”, do not forget that numbers and the legends around them, are part of the oldest mysteries and one of the last questions of mankind.

Even the famous mathematician Pythagoras said that:

“Numbers rule the world”

and he probably wasn’t that far from the truth.

What now? Try our QuickPick:

  1. Choose the lottery you like the most.
  2. Fill in your very own lucky numbers (click on each ball & type the number) or generate a random combination (click on the dice) or best if you combine both.
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