March 17, 2021
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Symbols believed to bring good luck

Lucky symbols – What brings luck in lotterry?

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Lucky symbols are popular worldwide and luck is symbolized by objects, numbers, symbols, plants or parts of the animal body. Some people perceive happiness as coincidence, others explain happiness symbols by faith or superstition. Some people swear by lucky symbols and others think they are nonsense. However, most people feel that lucky symbols can heal and bring luck the people who own them. But regardless of whether it is possible to influence our happiness with a rabbit foot or a pig, lucky symbols can influence your attitude and thus have a positive effect on your emotional world.

Everybody wants a little luck in life and lotto players also in lottery. The desire for happiness is deeply rooted in human existence. In the past, humanity has searched for ways of happiness and contentment. The earliest evidence of lucky symbols comes from ancient Egypt. They trusted in the supernatural power of amulets and talismans, which were believed to bring luck and protect against evil spirits

The experts from LottoStar24 have prepared for you certain objects which are considered for the most popular lucky symbols. Can these symbols bring you luck also in the lottery? Let’s have a look…



The symbol of luck: Scarab
The symbol of luck – Scarab | Source:

Scarabs are among the oldest lucky symbols. The ancient Egyptians connected this type of beetle to the rising sun. The sunrise phenomena carried a powerful mysticism in ancient Egyptian culture and the scarab amulet became a source of protection from evil spirits. The scarabs were also perceived as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.


Elephant with raised hull

The symbol of luck - The elephant with raised hull
The symbol of luck – The elephant with raised hull | Source:

The elephant is loved in western cultures as well as in India. Ganesha is the Hindu elephant-headed god of happiness and success. This symbol from the Far East gained popularity in the twentieth century and is now also considered a symbol of happiness and contentment in Western cultures.


Rabbit foot

The symbol of luck - Rabbit foot
The symbol of luck – Rabbit foot | Source:

It was believed that the rabbit’s foot would bring luck. The druids in the year 600 B.C. believed that this amulet offers protection from evil spirits. Despite the extinction of the druids, many people still share the belief that the foot of a rabbit will bring happiness and prosperity.


The Lucky Number 7

The symbol of luck - Lucky number 7
The symbol of luck – Lucky number 7 | Source:

People all over the world associate the number 7 with happiness. Almost everyone loves the number 7 and it has become popular in Western cultures as a lucky charm. In the past, the number 7 was associated with luck, perfection and cognition. Do you often consider the lucky number seven as part of your ticket? Be careful not to share your winnings with players who do the same. You can click on one of the following links to see if one of your lucky numbers is one of the winning lottery number combinations.

If you want to find out which numbers are your lucky numbers, you can find more information in the article What are my lucky numbers.

Lucky Coins

The symbol of luck: Lucky coins
The symbol of luck – Lucky coins | Source:

We all know the good saying: “Find a penny, pick it up, and you’ll be lucky all day long!” In ancient times it was believed that metal objects offered protection from evil. Many of the rituals come from China, including the belief that walking on “money” is a way to quickly climb the financial ladder of success. Chinese I-Ching coins, for example, are said to bring prosperity and income happiness and are often given as a lucky gift on Chinese New Year’s Day and at weddings. Many Chinese believe that the square in the middle of each coin represents the energy of the earth and the round shape of the coin represents the happiness of heaven. Even today, many people often carry a penny or other small coin around as a lucky charm. Many people believe that you should always keep a lost penny on the street to be lucky. To increase your lottery winning luck, you could put coins in your wallet or place them along with your lottery tickets.


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Fuzzy cubes

The symbol of luck: Fuzzy cubes
The symbol of luck – Fuzzy cubes | Source:

Several games of chance are played with dice, so it is no wonder that the dice became a symbol of luck. Fuzzy dice belong to symbols that have a short history. During World War II, when every flight was a game of chance, American pilots used to place soft-edged dice on their instrument panels, hoping for luck. Later, they were associated with the illegal subculture of road racing and a sign of nostalgia.

The three-legged toad

It is a mythical creature with only three legs, which should bring its owner enormous wealth and immediate money. If you want to win big in the next lottery draw, increase your business or earn more money, you should focus your intentions on this legendary toad.

The symbol of luck - The three-legged-toad
The symbol of luck – The three-legged-toad | Source:



The horseshoe

The symbol of luck: Horseshoe
The symbol of luck – Horseshoe | Source:

The horseshoe is one of the most common symbols of happiness. People believe that hanging a horseshoe on a wall brings luck, success and money. In ancient times, horseshoes were originally made of iron, a material people believed could ward off evil spirits. They were also fixed with seven nails. 7′ is considered by many cultures to be the happiest number in the world. To win the lottery, you should hang the horseshoe in U-shape. This means that it will collect and hold all the wealth for you like a glass of prosperity.


Four-leaf clover

The symbol of luck - Four-leaf clover
The symbol of luck – Four-leaf clover | Source:

Since it is very rare in nature to find a four-leaf cloverleaf. If it happens to you, you can be sure that it will be very lucky. This lucky symbol was part of the Celtic culture that believed that such a unique cloverleaf would provide protection from evil. Each leaf of the four-leaf clover represents something: the first is for faith, the second for hope, the third for love, and the fourth for happiness.


Lucky pig

The symbol of luck - Lucky pig
The symbol of luck – Lucky pig | Source:

Because pigs in Germany are associated with fertility, people believe that pigs bring luck and wealth. You’ll find them sweets shaped as treats and pictured on New Year’s cards.

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