January 31, 2020
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With QuickPick to Jackpot winnning

Can QuickPick help me win the jackpot in Lotto or Eurojackpot?

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How does it sound dreamlike for you if you don't have to share your million dollar winnings with other lottery players when you manage to win the jackpot? Dreamy, right? Did you know that it is possible thanks to Lotto QuickPick? QuickPick is the smartest, easiest and fastest way to submit your lottery ticket. Since the random generator selects the lottery numbers for you, you don't have to think long about which numbers might be drawn in the next draw. As a QuickPick player you can sit back, relax and spend more time by thinking about what you would do if you won the lottery jackpot.

A question that currently concerns many lottery players is whether QuickPick is useful. We have decided to get down to bedrock.

Since choosing the right lucky numbers can completely change our lives, choosing them is a special and sometimes time-consuming challenge for everyone. Many lottery players choose their favourite numbers, such as birthdays, anniversaries or lucky numbers according to horoscopes or astrology on the lottery ticket. Some give free rein to their creativity.

The choice of different patterns and number combinations is in case of many people also very popular. Other players very carefully follow the lottery statistics. But only a small group of players use the so-called Lotto QuickPick. This option, however, can lead to success with quite a high probability. So it is high time to find out all the advantages of the Lotto or Euromillion QuickPick. In this article we will explain how you can use the potential of the QuickPick and what it is all about.

If you surf on the Internet, you will find out that the network offers a lot of tactics and strategies to help players win the lottery. But is analyzing the statistics of the most frequently determined lottery results really helpful and effective? Are we able to guess the Euromillion results for the next draw? Since all the balls in the Euromillion lottery drum have exactly the same chances of being drawn, the random principle is at drawing lottery numbers really important phenomenon.

For lottery players it means that they don’t have to be math geniuses to hit the jackpot. Advice from professionals combined with a little luck can make you a lottery millionaire.

Why is it better to play with the QuickPick?

Is QuickPick useful for winning the lottery?
Is QuickPick useful for winning the lottery? | Source: www.iStockphoto.com

1st reason to use QuickPick

To maximize your profits, you should follow a few tips. The first tip describes how to avoid emotions and the selection of favourite numbers, such as dates of fond memories, birthdays or anniversaries. This principle states that the available numbers are limited because there is only a maximum of 31 days per calendar month, and numbers over 31 are therefore usually marked much less frequently.

Our tip: If you decide for the QuickPick in the lottery, you can redeem our lottery voucher and receive 3 Euromillion lottery fields for the price of €2.85:

2nd reason to use QuickPick

There are many lottery players who play certain number combinations, diagonals or other patterns. If you win, the risk of losing your share of the winnings is very high and you will have to share your winnings with all other players who have been as creative as you. In Lotto 6 out 49, the amount in each prize category is divided by the number of winners, for example, the more winners in the category, the lower the amount of money for each winner. To avoid such a situation, you should bet on numbers that nobody else chooses. At Lottostar24 you can simply use the QuickPick!

Is there a possibility to trick human nature?

Even if we try to tick any numbers on our lottery ticket, our subconscious mind plays a trick on us and we still pick patterns or numbers that have a certain meaning for us.
To trick human nature, select our lottery quick tip with our random number generator and your personal lucky numbers will be generated automatically and without subconscious powers.
The Quick Tip has another advantage. Players can use the Lotto or Euromillion QuickPick to submit their lottery ticket online until shortly before the closing date!

Where can lottery players find QuickPick?

At the bottom right of each of your betting slips you will find the random button (the dice symbol). Click on it and the random number generator will start working for you and fill in one or more fields on your lottery ticket, as you wish.

We have also prepared a special feature for you here in this article. Below you can have a look to the quick tip access for each lottery directly. Simply click on the desired lottery logo to see a simple quick tip. With the Random button (the dice symbol) you can generate your numbers. You can also add more random tips with the plus-button. When you are satisfied with your numbers and tips, simply press the Submit Now button and your betting ticket will be added to your shopping cart.

QuickPick or type yourself? What do the experts say?

Lotto and psychology expert Dr. Meyer also recommends QuickPick to avoid numbers that create a pattern on the betting field or the number "19", which is entered by many people because of their date of birth. It can be assumed that for the same reason "20" will also become more and more popular in the near future.

Dr. Meyer says: "From a psychological perspective, the human brain still imagines an empty typing field waiting to be filled in. Some people do not think long and quickly choose their personal lucky numbers. Others think longer because they want to avoid popular numbers; and some people can't decide which numbers to pick and end up falling for what their subconscious tells them to. They also choose numbers that are not random. This is the way the human psyche works.

Have you already decided on a lottery of your choice? Then choose your favourite game from our great range and sort the lotteries by key dates or jackpots and choose the best option for you!

We wish you good luck in choosing your favorite option and cracking the jackpot. Don't forget that the latter is often possible with QuickPick.