January 22, 2020
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The most luxurious gadgets

The 15 most expensive gadgets

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What can we imagine when we mention the most expensive gadgets in the world? In short, it is a collection of exclusive luxury goods for consumers for whom money hardly matters - from game consoles or diamond-studded smartphones to sound systems worth more than luxury real estate. If you focus on spending a lot of money, you should go through the world's most expensive gadgets.

The most expensive gadgets in consumer electronics

The most expensive gadgets in the world are a collection of exclusive luxury goods for consumers for whom money hardly plays a role. From game consoles to diamond-studded smartphones or sound systems worth more than luxury real estate. Anyone who wants to spend a lot of money should definitely take a look at the world’s most expensive gadgets.


What are the most expensive gadgets?

The experts of Lottostar24 have prepared for you several areas where the most expensive gadgets can appear.

Sound systems and docking stations

1st Bang & Olufsen Beosound

Bang and Olufsen - Soundsystem Beosound
Bang and Olufsen – Soundsystem Beosound | Source: www.stuarthughes.com

The most expensive sound system in the world from the Danish manufacturer Bang & Olufsen is the most expensive and tailor-made music centre in the world. The entire Beosounds body, including the loudspeakers, was reformed with 32 kilograms of solid 24-carat gold. The outer protective area consists of a handmade solid gold veneer with 70 brilliant diamonds mounted in the form of aventurine & topaz in precious stones. It costs 1.4 million euros.


2nd Docking station for the iPhone

Anyone looking at the most luxurious gadgets of 2019 will sooner or later also come across the designer En&is from Italy. The company has launched a docking station for the iPhone, which has the shape of a megaphone and costs an impressive 599 euros.


3rd iDiamond iPod – Who should not miss…

The American company Apple has also launched its iDiamond iPod on the market. It consists of white and red gold and is decorated with 430 diamonds. The price is around 32.000 euros.



Luxury inside and luxury outside

4th Luxurious sleeves for current smartphones

Gresso from Miami for Smartphones
Gresso from Miami for Smartphones | Source: www.luxuo.com

If you don’t have enough money for a luxury smartphone, you can buy luxurious sleeves for current smartphones from the company Gresso from Miami. These cases usually clearly exceed the value of the actual device, but there are also exclusive materials.

5th 3D laser mouse in gold housing

logitech 3D-laser gold mouse
logitech 3D-laser gold mouse | Source: www.pinterest.com

A 3D laser mouse in Logitech’s gold case is one of the most identifiable computer peripherals for PC and Mac. It is made of gold and diamonds and is a pointing device that works by capturing and moving 2D with respect to the holding device. It can be purchased for a proud 18.000 Euros. This wireless mouse is a real eye-catcher on any PC.


6th Emperor LX

Emperor LX
Emperor LX | Source: www.luxedb.com

Emperor LX is the name of a computer table for hardcore computer users and gamers. It allows the user unprecedented comfort and virtually total immersion through strategically positioned monitors, audio systems and accessories. It is not part of the computer office, but was developed for the gaming and entertainment industry. The turntable with integrated armchair and domed roof offers space for three monitors and other technical equipment and makes the home office a luxury location for around 21.000 dollars.


7th Samsung TV S9S

Not only Apple can be expensive

Among the most expensive gadgets in the world, a television set is not to be missed. If you can and want to spend 150.000 euros, you can buy the Samsung TV S9S with 110 inch screen.

What does expensive actually mean?

These gadgets are really extremely expensive. However, they don’t even come close to the most expensive items you can buy with money. One of the LottoStar24 authors has analysed these and listed them in this article.


The most expensive gadgets in the field of fun and games

8th Aqua Blaster slot machine

As Aqua Blaster can be operated by two players simultaneously, this luxury slot machine is designed for two people. If you want to use this gaming fun in your own home, you have to pay for it around 11.000 euros.


9th Arcade Mania slot machine

The Arcade Mania slot machine is much cheaper with a purchase price of around 2.500 euros. It combines a collection of 150 games, which should be well known to all gamblers from arcade halls.


10th Jet Pack instead of Jet Lag

Floating through the air is no longer a privilege of the American military, because consumers can experience this thrill themselves thanks to Jet Pack in the value of 250.000 Euro.


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11th Jetlev Flyer

Jetlev Flyer - Water-powered jetpack
Jetlev Flyer – Water-powered jetpack | Source: www.thegreenhead.com

The Jetlev Flyer is somewhat cheaper, but limited to use above the water. Thanks to it owners take off over lakes, rivers and the sea and make boaters look old. Cost: around 100.000 euros.


Games, fun and diamonds

12th Sony PS3 Supreme

Sony PS3 Supreme
Sony PS3 Supreme | Source: www.stuarthughes.com

Gold and diamonds can also be a source of delight for all gamers who have indulged in the special Sony PS3 Supreme. The game console is worth 250.000 euros.

Too good to be cheap


13th FMCG International Racing Simulator

Rennsimulator | Source: www.richtigteur.de

A golden Playstation isn’t enough fun yet? How about the FMCG International racing simulator in the form of a Formula 1 car? It costs 100.000 Euro.


14th Samsung with its own doghouse

Samsung has designed its own doghouse so that not only masters and mistresses can enjoy pure luxury. It is equipped with a tablet, treadmill and food dispenser and is available for around 28.000 euros.





15th Samsungs Class 105S9 Curved 4K TV

Samsung Class 105S9 Curved 4K TV
Samsung Class 105S9 Curved 4K TV | Source: www.4k.com

Samsung’s Class 105S9 Curved 4K TV is nothing more than mega TV that spans an amazing 105 inches. The screen is curved to provide an even more intense experience, along with a full 4K display resolution and four HDMI ports. All customers will have a technician who will deliver the giant and optimize it for their living room. It costs 138.000 euros.


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