January 22, 2020
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Useful travel tips for safety

The best travel tips for safe travelling abroad

If you don't prepare well and don't take care of your own safety, you can also have bad experience in a faraway country. Therefore a few travel tips are advantageous with regard to safety.

A trip to a foreign country should be as pleasant and stress-free as possible. After all, trip serves to relax and at the same time to get to know a new environment and other people. The landscape, the culture and interesting events serve to forget the stress of everyday life. But who does not prepare well and does not worry about the own security, can also have in a distant country bad experience. Therefore a few travel tips connected with safety are advantageous.

1. Inform relatives or acquaintances

Before start of the trip, it is advisable to inform other people about the travel plans. Both the destination and details of the hotel and other details should be included. If something goes wrong during the trip, this information will facilitate the investigation.


2. Take photos of the children with you

Take photos of kids with you
Take photos of kids with you | Source: istockphoto.com

If you travel with children to a foreign country, you should have photos of the children with you during the whole trip. At airports, weekly markets or at events in the holiday region, there is often a great deal of confusion. It can happen that parents lose sight of their children. If, however, photos are ready to hand, the children can be found much more quickly.


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3. Pay attention to the credit card

Pay attention to your credit card
Pay attention to your credit card | Bildquelle: istockphoto.com

Wherever there are many tourists, criminals like to hang around. Most of them are after credit cards. Therefore a credit card should always be carried in such a way that it is not easily accessible for strangers. It also makes sense to store the phone number of the card provider in your mobile phone. If the card is lost, it can then be blocked immediately.


4. Handle money with caution

Cash is just as popular with criminals as credit cards. It should be therefore always kept as close to body as possible. In this case, massive physical contact is necessary to get the money. Even when paying in a shop or restaurant, you should never pull a whole bundle of banknotes out of your pocket. If a large amount of cash is visible, this could immediately arouse desire.


5. Take a first aid kit with you

Take a first aid kit with you
Take a first aid kit with you | Source: istockphoto.com

This may sound a little strange, but in many cases it is helpful to have at least a few patches or something similar with you. In a foreign country it is not always possible to find a plaster without further ado. Therefore it is always advantageous to have some of these useful utensils with you.

6. Avoid crowds

Avoid crowds
Avoid crowds | Source: istockphoto.com

Large crowds can always be a source of danger. Pickpockets, tricksters or other people who are up to no good can be found there. In addition, it is difficult to pursue someone within a crowd. When it comes to special events, large crowds cannot be avoided. In this case, however, it makes sense to stay as close as possible to the edge of such a crowd.


7. Learning the language

Of course, it is not necessary to learn a complete foreign language. As a rule, it is sufficient to know some important key terms. Then, in a dangerous situation, it is at least possible to say what it is all about. There are also small devices for a few euros that translate words into another language. These can sometimes be a great help. If, for example, a person breaks down, the travel companion can at least explain in some comprehensible way what happened.


8. Do not provoke

Even if the habits and manners of people in other cultures sometimes seem strange, provocations should be avoided at all costs. There are countries where even slight provocations are perceived as a threat or even an insult. In such a case there may even be trouble with the police there. This can sometimes be very expensive.


9. Respect the culture

Respect the culture
Respect the culture | Source: www.pixabay.com

There are some countries, for example, where a woman in light clothing does not like to buy something in a shop. But there are also many other behaviours that we take for granted, but which are very provocative in other countries. It is important to take this into account. Otherwise it could easily lead to disputes or vicious clashes with local citizens. Nobody would like to experience that on their holidays. Therefore it is always advisable to inform yourself in advance in a travel guide or on the Internet about the habits in the travel country. In each travel guide there is also the category: “safety travel tips”.


10. Travel safety during excursions

At the holiday resort, the excursions are also usually undertaken. A trip is always about seeing something of the area. Great care should always be taken when observing animals in the wild. Approaching these animals can sometimes be dangerous. Therefore always the greatest caution is necessary. The main problem is that no one knows exactly how the animals behave.


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People who take travel tips for their own safety will have a lot of fun on their holiday. Especially travel tips recommended in the travel guide should be followed. Then nothing stands in the way of fun and travel safety.