August 12, 2020
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Using the law of attraction to get rich

The Law of Attraction – Can I Attract Lottery Winnings?

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In daily life it can be regularly observed: Bad thoughts attract negative events, while good thoughts can have positive effects. This effect is called the law of attraction - and it is also useful in the lottery. However, your thoughts should not be too vague, but as concrete as possible. Imagine already now your life as a millionaire in all details and put aside any doubts that may arise. Perhaps luck will then not be able to resist.

Some people work hard, are good people, ambitious, fair and eager to learn, but success and happiness don’t really work. On the contrary, problems, debts and other awkward matters accumulate. For others, happiness seems to fly in the wrong direction: lottery winnings, new job, salary increase, great partner, travel, and much more. So what could be the reason? Is there really such a thing as the law of attraction and can it help you win the lottery?

In this article we have gone on the track!

The law of attraction, simply explained

Basically, the law of attraction contains the old folk wisdom: “You reap what you sow” and “As you call into the forest, so it echoes out”. We are our own lucky blacksmiths – and we are lucky through our thoughts alone. Psychology describes this as a manifested way of thinking, i.e. one attracts things that correspond to the expressed thoughts, fears and feelings.

So anyone who constantly talks about something bad happening to him practically attracts the mess himself. The one who constantly sees himself as a victim ends as such. And not least for the sole reason of corresponding to the perceived role. The same applies to people who constantly talk about illnesses, feel ill and are generally pessimistic about their own health. These people usually end up with a lot of real or apparent illnesses that they themselves have conjured up.

Naturally, this phenomenon also applies to other areas, e.g:

  • law of attraction in profession
  • law of attraction in finance
  • law of attraction in lottery
  • and many more …

Spirituality behind Law of attraction – Universal forces of cause and effect

Esotericism and spiritualism - sources of cause and effect
Spirituality behind Law of attraction | Source: www.pixabaycom

From an esoteric or spiritual point of view, the law of attraction is understood as a law of universal forces. It is based on the principle of cause and effect. Chance therefore does not exist, but thinking is the cause for the effect. We create our environment and our reality with our thoughts.

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So if you are positive in one area, you will have more success. But be careful, the opposite is also true. Who thinks constantly negatively, attracts the misfortune downright. Here an aspect is completely particularly important. The brain does not really perceive words like “no” and “not”. So anyone who constantly says “No, I don’t want to be poor” still attracts poverty, because the brain ignores the negation and registers the words “to be poor”. So it is important to make affirmations instead of saying/thinking what you don’t want.

How exactly does wish fulfillment work?

How does wish fulfillment work?
How does wish fulfillment work? | Source:

So if you want to win with the law of attraction in the lottery, you essentially need two things:

  1. Positive thoughts
  2. Positive feelings

Only when both are in harmony can you create the right conditions. Especially for example when you play Euromillion lottery, subliminal feelings come into play and are often neglected. Because believe it or not, many people are subconsciously afraid of the big changes that a lottery win brings with it and say with conscious thoughts that they want to win the lottery, but subconsciously they have doubts that then block the win.

It is also important not only to express the desire to win the lottery, because that is far too vague to achieve a real manifestation. If the vague wish were enough, then all people would be lottery winners.

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The inner conviction is the decisive factor. If you are completely convinced of the speedy and genuine fulfillment and act accordingly, you actually attract the event.

Imagine your life as a lottery millionaire as accurately as possible. Choose your words and thoughts accordingly and act as if you already had the millions in your account. Be firmly convinced of your happiness and prosperity – who knows, perhaps the dream will come true in the next draw!


Recommended books on the law of attraction

As you can see, the law of attraction is really a broad, open issue. To learn more about it, we really recommend that you do your own research and read more. To make it easier for you, we have selected some of the most popular books that might be of interest to you, here is a short list:

HICKS ESTHER, HICKS JERRY AND HOUSE HAY: The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

TOBIAS BORIS VON READING: The law of attraction – The Step by Step Manual on How to Become Wealthy

HURST KATHERINE: The Law of Attraction – The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

Have fun at reading and good luck with attracting your next lottery winning!