March 16, 2020
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Interpreting dream symbols correctly for more happiness

Top 12 Dream symbols – Dreams of Luck (Meaning)

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Dreams are not supernatural characters from another dimension, but they can be trend-setting. Those who dream of happiness, for example, long to finally find fulfilment again. If you interpret the dream symbols correctly, perhaps a door opens to the true satisfaction. In the dream a lamb on the arm to hold, means for example wealth increase by industrious work: It is worthwhile itself to think longer about the symbolism of your dreams.

A lottery win – the big money. This is what most dreams of the happiness of all people are about. Sometimes we wonder what we would do with a million euros if it were suddenly in our account. Would we take a trip around the world and visit breathtaking places we have never been? Would we spend our lottery winnings on jewellery or expensive cars or other luxury goods? But maybe we would support people in need, donate a part or help friends out of a difficult financial situation? These are all wonderful daydreams. But only very few people know how to interpret dream symbols correctly. In this article we explain to you the essentials of dream interpretation.


What are dreams?

Dreaming symbols
Dreaming symbols | Source:

But these dreams are something different than the nightly dreams during sleep. In addition to our wishes, experiences, life circumstances and the general state of mind also play a role here. Every person dreams the most incredible stories night after night.

There are many definitions of dreams. They range from the ancient view that they are messages of benevolent gods to the notion that dreams are windows to our unconscious feelings and thoughts.

Dreams are an expression of beliefs, emotions and events that wander through our heads while we sleep. Our dreams often encompass all our senses such as smelling, tasting, seeing, touching or hearing. And it is precisely these senses that can trigger dreams. If we smell or hear something special during the day and deliberately do not perceive it – our subconscious processes it in our dreams.

In the dream we experience partly quite realistic facts and then again surreal ghost stories. One could see the dreamed as a message of our souls or as a tool to better understand our life. For this you have to deal with the dreams. What do they want to tell us and what can we do with them in real life?


Make a note!

Everyone dreams, but only some remember these “films”! Therefore, it is advisable to write down your dreams immediately the next morning. Place a small booklet and a pen beside your bed and collect the stories you dreamed. Imagine that you could influence your personal happiness with your dreams. You only need to be able to interpret selected dream symbols correctly.  For this you need to know them and understand a little bit of the language of dream interpretation.

Every dream has a symbol
Every dream has a symbol | Source:

Some examples from the interpretation of dreams show how to interpret dream symbols correctly and which positive and lucky messages want to reach you at night.



Dream symbols for happiness, prosperity and contentment

1. Amethyst

It starts with a small stone. But the jewel signals great happiness in your dream! Satisfaction applies to a well-filled bank account, a happy marriage and a good hand in all kinds of business.  If one receives the semi-precious stone in the dream given, this stands for increase of the prosperity.



2. Tree and its fruits

Every tree is firmly rooted in the earth and the dream symbol also stands for something that is firmly anchored. This can be a strong will, a good handling of money or that you yourself stand firmly in life. A healthy thick trunk stands for your personal strength. If the tree bears fruit, rich yields may soon be in sight.

3. Fire

Many people think of fire as destruction or loss. Not so the dream readers: To dream of fireworks can indicate that an existing anger can be solved and this contributes to a cheerful basic mood.

Your dream will surely be of an angry fire in your own house and you have to watch helplessly? Well, all worries and worries are symbolically destroyed here – a good dream.

4. Flying

Flying stands for freedom, independence and the feeling of wanting to “fly high”. Flying can stand for professional, health or financial advancement. A relationship can also develop very well and take on a new form in the form of lightness.

5. Woman

Women stand for warmth, creativity and sexuality. But of course it depends on whether it was a well-known woman or a stranger, how she behaved or how she was dressed. Long hair, for example, stands for success in the near future.

If you dream of several women talking to each other, this could also mean good news in the near future. When a woman walks through a store, your purchasing power may increase. A dream of pregnant women is a sign that you could be blessed with wealth.

6. Gods and temples

In a dream, visiting a temple can mean extraordinary happiness. Dreaming of statues of gods on an altar can even mean immeasurable happiness. The temple symbolizes the body as an enclosure of spirit and soul, which should be in harmony with each other. Temples are treated with reverence and those who treat their bodies a little more reverently after this dream may live a satisfied and happy life.

7. Happiness

There are often dreams of happiness. The dream symbol “luck” has it however particularly in itself. Because it does not stand for existing luck. If you dream of great happiness, it does not seem to be present right now. However, the desire for happiness and contentment is so great that it can be shown in dreams how they become happy. This means: If you dream of great happiness in the form of a lottery win, then try to win the lottery.

If you dream of great happiness with your partner, then you will feel what has helped to the new happiness of love in your dream and realize it! Were you at a nice candlelight dinner? Then invite your better half exactly to this. And afterwards: Thank the dream for the necessary hint.

8. Four-leaf clover

Dreams of happiness – dreams of the cloverleaf. So the short form. The four-leaf cloverleaf is also a sign of happiness in the interpretation of dreams. On all levels of life, things will most likely go the way you want them to. Not only material, but also spiritual wealth in the form of balance, contentment and friendship awaits you.

9. Lamb

In general, a dream of a lamb predicts many good things. Seeing a lamb playing on a green meadow shows that existing friendships can be enjoyed or new ones added. Holding a lamb in your arms means increasing wealth through hard work and ethical business practices.

10. Lantern

The lantern as a symbol of happiness in the interpretation of dreams. It brings light into the darkness and wants to say that during the day you may worry for no reason. The lantern can be a harbinger of success, praise and happiness. If you buy a lantern in your dream, it can stand for success in business. If the lantern glows very brightly in the dark, this could speak for surprising wealth.

11. Coffin


Even if it doesn’t seem that way at first and it may be frightening, the coffin and a grave stand for the fact that momentary worries will soon be over. If you see a body being placed in a coffin in a dream, it means a financial bonus may be due. It’s also good to see a dead man rise out of a coffin in your dreams, because that’s a lot of money.

12. Bird food

To dream of birds with a lot of bird food could bring a very high income in the near future. If you also spread it on the ground in your dream, your business will “take root” and grow. This is a good dream and it is also an encouragement for the dreamer to push ahead with his plans and not be discouraged. No matter what others say, follow your plan.

As you can see, all these dream symbols have one thing in common: they show you a possible way to great happiness. Using the dream symbols you can try to decipher the messages and understand the importance of the dream. But each person interprets dream symbols differently, because each person associates different experiences and individual feelings with them. 12 selected symbols can therefore only be understood in general.

Furthermore, the small marginal details of each dream play an important role for the interpretation of the dream. Because the context makes a correct understanding possible. Only professional dream interpreters are able to distinguish between dream types and dream themes and to correctly classify the “surrounding”.

But of course you can also follow your instinct individually without professional help, what which dream means to you and how it can influence your happiness. You are certainly right in your interpretation, because nobody knows you as well as you do.

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3.9 million euros won – the figures come from a dream

An incredible story took place in Nova Scotia in January 2017. Olga Beno won 3.9 million euros in the Lotto. She really dreamed about her lucky numbers. In her dream she clearly saw the numbers in front of her and took this vision to heart. Again and again she played the dreamed combination and again and again she went out empty-handed. But she had never lost faith in the meaning of the dream.

Numbers and dreams
Numbers and dreams

An incredible story took place in Nova Scotia in January 2017. Olga Beno won 3.9 million euros in the lottery. She really dreamed about her lucky numbers. In her dream she clearly saw the numbers in front of her and took this vision to heart. Again and again she played the dreamed combination and again and again she went out empty-handed. But she had never lost faith in the meaning of the dream.

And so came what had to come. She once again bet on these numbers and the next day she saw “her” numbers in the newspaper – as winning numbers of the current lottery draw. The time for this great chance in life could not have been better. Ola Beno was about to sell her house for financial reasons. She didn’t have to, thanks to the lottery win.


This story shows that the most impossible things can come true. Now you have also learned something about how to interpret dream symbols correctly. Never stop dreaming of great happiness!


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